Race report Shek Mun 10K


My race report.

This was my first time running the race. The registration was efficient on the day. Location and directions were precise and correct.

I found that the start area is very narrow, funneling and tightly packing runners to about 8-10 abreast. I started well back, needing an unexpected 90 seconds to reach the starting line. Those in contention for an age group prize would need to be In the first few rows, since awards are awarded on clock time not chip time.

It was also tight on space for the full first kilometre, which meant that I had to run a bit more slowly than desired. The worst part is a bend about 700 metres from the start which is like a racetrack chicane. It reduced me to almost walking pace for 20-30 metres. With all of the first 1K delays, I probably lost 20-30 seconds aside from the time lost getting past to the start line. This is possibly normal for HK races due to lack of space.

After that, there was a little more room to move from the 1K point onwards and things got better for running. Conditions for the race were good, dry with a bit of drizzle late on making it a bit slippy underfoot on the waterfront tiling. A Wet day would make for a slippery experience from 2K-8K. Luckily not this time for me, as the drizzle only hit me at about 7.5K. Humidity was high (80%) but temperature was good (21) with a light breeze On the way out.

Lots of photographers on the course which meant a lot of photo memories afterwards available online. The finish line was efficiently organised.

Overall, a well organised event. Results available online within a couple of days. But it suffers from the funnel and chicane at the start. So, those of you who will run this race for the first time and are looking for a placing rather than a chip time have been forewarned.

I will run it again. But next time I will probably queue early on the start line. (at least 15 minutes before start time ?.